Commercial Property Management for Shopping Centers,
Office and Industrial Buildings

Complete Portfolio Listings

Shopping Centers

Alum Rock Plaza 36,125 sq. ft.
Barrett Plaza 26,500 sq. ft.
Battaglia Center 20,900 sq. ft.
Berryessa Shopping Center 32,312 sq. ft.
Bollinger Plaza 16,568 sq. ft.
Bowers Plaza 21,002 sq. ft.
Burlingame Shore 9,650 sq. ft.
Burns Valley Mall 117,000 sq. ft.
Cambrian Park Plaza 174,000 sq. ft.
Downer Square 71,315 sq. ft.
Durango Springs Plaza 17,769 sq. ft.
East County East 20,635 sq. ft.
Eastwood Shopping Center 60,507 sq. ft.
Evergreen Valley Plaza 26,336 sq. ft.
Financial Plaza II 20,100 sq. ft.
Fremont Shopping Center 114,625 sq. ft.
Frisbie Properties 17,226 sq. ft.
Gould Shopping Center 136,000 sq. ft.
Homestead – Kiely Retail Center 4,200 sq. ft.
Kingberry Center 18,828 sq. ft.
Redwood Village Shopping Center 126,094 sq. ft.
Savemart Shopping Center 48,509 sq. ft.
Seagraves Plaza 7,780 sq. ft.
Senter Food Center 29,275 sq. ft.
Senter Square 23,805 sq. ft.
Shasta Shopping Center 16,031 sq. ft.
Sunnyhills Shopping Center 17,600 sq. ft.
Union Landing 38,625 sq. ft.
Village Oaks Center 22,303 sq. ft.
Total Retail Square Footage 1,291,620 sq. ft.

Office Buildings

20 Great Oaks Blvd. 51,555 sq. ft.
The Atrium Office Building 33,000 sq. ft.
Bascom Financial Center 52,254 sq. ft.
Brokaw Business Center 15,000 sq. ft.
Cupertino Office Buildings 39,401 sq. ft.
Saratoga Business Square 18,578 sq. ft.
Total Office Square Footage 209,788 sq. ft.

Industrial/R&D Buildings

260 Cristich Lane 18,870 sq. ft.
2 Erik Circle 104,000 sq. ft.
2205 Fortune Drive 31,445 sq. ft.
200-218 Littlefield Avenue 124,839 sq. ft.
335 McGlincey Lane 11,000 sq. ft.
6640 Sierra Lane 24,367 sq. ft.
Total R&D Square Footage 314,521 sq. ft.
Total Managed Square Footage 1,815,929 sq. ft.