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Management Plan - To Achieve the full economic value from your property, we develop a long-range plan which takes into consideration capital expenditures, tenant mix strategies, lease modifications, and management policies that are tailored to your goals and objectives. We work with you and develop recommendations which would help you to achieve the maximum cash flow from the property, consistent with professional management.

Owner Representation - We know from experience that professional property management is based on the personal involvement of the management agent with the tenant, and we personally visit the property as often as necessary to discuss questions or problems the tenant might have.

Competitive Bid Procurement - Coates & Sowards, Inc. negotiates all maintenance contracts, obtaining competitive bids when advisable, passing along any savings from volume discounts of materials and supplies.

Physical Inspections - We make frequent physical inspections of the property and recommend when capital expenditures are needed.

Emergency Service - Since we always have someone on call 24 hours you can sleep easy at night. When we acquire a new property, we give all the tenants the home and/or cell phone numbers of our property managers. We also contact any security or monitoring company to ensure that also have our emergency telephone numbers. We have developed a list of excellent contractors and vendors who can handle problems that may arise promptly and at a reasonable cost.

Supervise TIs - We generally coordinate tenant improvement work as part of our management services. If the job is substantial and we believe it to be somewhat complicated, we may recommend the use of an outside consultant or inspector to assist us with our supervision. On larger jobs that would require substantial time, we may request that we receive a negotiated construction supervision fee. We have acted as the owner’s representative for numerous jobs ranging from $50,000 tenant improvement jobs to remodels in excess of $1,000,000.

Reporting - Each month we provide detailed reports of all cash receipts and expenditures made for the month, as well as tenant ledgers and check registers, but a monthly statement does not tell the whole story. That is why Coates & Sowards, Inc., includes a personal cover letter with each monthly statement on issues such as maintenance problems, tenant comments, or any other item that indicates what is happening at the property.

Record Keeping - All notices of rent escalations and cost-of-living increases are sent to the tenant on a timely basis. Each tenant is contacted prior to any lease termination so that the present and future status of each tenant is known as much as possible. We also track tenant insurance renewals. This ensures that current certificates of insurance are on file at all times.

Accounts Payable/Receivable - According to the Management Agreement, we will collect all rents and other receivables including impounds for operating expenses such as utilities, trash collection, insurance, real property taxes and other common area maintenance needs. We also receive all billings related to the property. Any unusual or non-budget expenses would be paid, subject to the expense limitations outlined in the Management Agreement, and only with the owner’s approval.

Budget Preparation, Review, and Analysis - We provide, annually, an estimated cash flow projection including a budget of cash receipts and disbursements which is reviewed periodically to determine if the budget projection is being met. The owner is notified of any unusual fluctuation from the budget, and would, in this case, receive our recommendation for corrective action.

Real Property Tax Assessment and Review - The real property tax assessment for each property is reviewed to determine if it exceeds the fair market value, in which case we would assist with an appeal to the taxing authority and coordinate with the owner’s legal counsel if necessary.

Other Financial Services - We will set up your bank accounts and handle all financial reporting including journal entries, trial balances, summary postings to close monthly books, cash flow summaries, and security deposit summaries. In addition to these traditional bookkeeping duties, Coates & Sowards, Inc. provides other financial services needed to effectively manage your properties. We have a detail-oriented accounting staff that can provide additional services such as tax and insurance payments, preparation of required investor reports, and preparation of documents required for legal and regulatory compliance and for partnership-level reporting.

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