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Other Services

Other Services

Other Financial Services

Coates & Sowards, Inc. uses Yardi property management and accounting software.  We handle the collection of rents, late fees, and we invoice tenants for any additional charges or reimbursements.  We also handle the payment of vendors that service your property.  Our clients receive a monthly report that details all the income and expenses.  Additionally, a year-end statement with supporting documentation is issued in January, much to the delight of our clients’ accountants.  We can also make monthly and other periodic installment payments for our clients including mortgage payments, real estate taxes, insurance, and any other recurring obligations.  All of these payments appear on your monthly states, and there is no additional charge or fees for making these payments.

Legal Assistance Coordination

We prepare and deliver Three-Day Notices when necessary. In addition, we prepare and post notices of non-responsibility, prepare estoppel certificates, leases, addenda, and assignments. These documents are subject to review and approval of our clients and their legal counsel. Since we are not attorneys, you may want to consult your own attorney for more serious matters.

Court Appointed Receivers

Because Coates & Sowards, Inc. is a well-known and well-respected real estate firm with extensive property management experience, employees at Coates & Sowards, Inc. have been selected as expert witnesses and Court Appointed Receivers in multiple counties.

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