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Shopping Centers

Shopping CentersSquare Footage
Alum Rock Plaza36,125 sq. ft.
Battaglia Center20,900 sq. ft.
Berryessa Shopping Center32,312 sq. ft.
Bollinger Plaza16, 568 sq. ft.
Bowers Plaza21,002 sq. ft.
Burns Valley Mall117,000 sq. ft.
Camden Avenue12,805 sq. ft.
Downer Square71,315 sq. ft.
East Hills Plaza37,160 sq. ft.
Eastwood Shopping Center60,507 sq. ft.
Evergreen Valley Plaza26,336 sq. ft.
Financial Plaza II20,100 sq. ft.
Gilroy Village Shopping Center124,363 sq. ft.
Homestead Road5,400 sq. ft.
Jack London Village18,375 sq. ft.
Kingberry Center18,828 sq. ft.
Lincoln Avenue12,713 sq. ft.
Lion Market Shopping Center48,509 sq. ft.
Redwood Village Shopping Center126,094 sq. ft.
Seagraves Plaza7,780 sq. ft.
Senter Food Center29,275 sq. ft.
Senter Square23,805 sq. ft.
Seoul Plaza14,657 sq. ft.
Village Oaks Center22,303 sq. ft.
Willow Square7,800 sq. ft.
Total Retail Square Footage707,513 sq. ft.

Office Buildings

Office BuildingsSquare Footage
Brokaw Business Center15,000 sq. ft.
Oakridge Professional Center32,811 sq. ft.
Saratoga Business Square18,578 sq. ft.
Total Office Square Footage66,389 sq. ft.

Industrial / R&D Buildings

Industrial / R&D BuildingsSquare Footage
9th and Hedding Street42,772 sq. ft.
Martin Avenue24,840 sq. ft.
Total R&D Square Footage67,612 sq. ft.

Total Managed Square Footage: 841,514 sq. ft.

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